San Francisco AGO
2016-2017 Officers

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SF/AGO Executive Committee meetings are held in alternating locations in the Bay Area for the convenience of committee members and to reflect the geographic makeup of our chapter.

 Dean William Vaughan
Sub Dean George Anton Emblom
Sub Dean Elect Eric Choate
Secretary Clara Co
Treasurer William Visscher
Auditor Justin Kielty
Michael Secour

Special Projects Committee

The Dean and Treasurer are ex-officio members of the SPC

Term expires 2017: Lenore Alford
Donald Mulliken

Term expires 2018:

Helen Pereira
  Jerome Lenk
Term expires 2019: John Karl Hirten

Chair Helen Pereira
Term expires 2016: Katya Kolesnikova
Term expires 2017:

Lenore Alford
Donald Mulliken

Term expires 2018:

Helen Pereira
Jerome Lenk

Committee Chairs & Appointees
Chaplain Father Robert Rien

 Certification & Education

Eileen Johnson


Jane Rosenblum
Membership Patricia During

 SFAGO Bay Area

Brian Swager
Newsletter Editor
& Advertising
George Morten
Newsletter Job Placement
& Classified Listings
David Howitt 
Newsletter Mailings Stephen Wallace


Newsletter Obituaries Vacant
& Directory Advertising

 Professional Development

Matthew Walsh
Program, 2016-2017

(Sub-dean/Chair 2016-2017)
George Emblorn
(Sub-dean Elect)
Eric Choate

David Howitt

Timothy Zerlang

Andy Chislett
Stephen Lind
Chritopher Putnam

Jonathan Dimmock
Jan Robitsher

Registrar Chris Tietze
The American Organist Magazine Reporter Timothy Zerlang
Webmaster  Frank Torrano

National Officers
AGO National Headquarters & The American Organist Magazine
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1260 - New York, NY 10115
Telephone: (212) 870-2310 - Fax: (212) 870-2163

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